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10,730 miles, 56 structures, 1 purpose

By Hannah Field|Published 08/12/2017

10,730 miles

56 structures

1 purpose


It’s been a very busy end to the year for Mar-Key Group, constructing 56 temporary winter storage structures at retail stores all around the country!

At one of the busiest times of year in the retail calendar, our winter storage solution allows them to continue business as usual by creating more space for all of those large Christmas deliveries which would have otherwise overwhelmed their current warehouses.

With some structures located back of house and some in car parks close to the public, our stock offering allowed us to supply a variety of hard sided, soft sided, small and large structures depending on the store’s specific requirements and expected delivery size.

Are you struggling for space? Our temporary storage structures are the perfect solution. Call the experts on 01202 577 111 


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